A new type of media. We are a community TV station with healthy boundaries without violence, bad language and gratuitous. Actors are treated with respect and we all work together to create a better more positive environment for us all. Moving On TV is a platform for people of all ages and abilities to express themselves with their passion dreams talents and skills. This is our constitution and we are proud to stand by it! 

Moving On TV started as a single show called 'The Piaf Show' and was all comedy. Since October 2014 when MOTV was founded by Laurene Hope and Jacob Creswick of Moving On Theatre it has gained amazing amounts of support from the local community. We have had many different individuals and businesses come on the show to talk about their idea or project. This website was funded by the community so we can reach even more people! 

We now produce the "Mental Health Show" "The Disability show" and create promos for charities like "The Samaritans" and more, which you can watch by clicking on the Youtube logo on the right of the screen,

There is something for everyone, as we believe we are all unique.

From 2015 we aim to produce even more varieties of content including a TV series version of the play 'Little Women' which the Pilot episode has already been filmed! This has all been made possible by our viewers and we hope to grow and network with even more people in the future! 

'Move your life along with MOTV' 

If like what we are doing, like many others please support us!