The Mental Health Show/Border Line personality Disorder 

Plan is to Bring videos with real fans, coaches, Development and Elite centre players- spread the word on events and the work done by WWSET within the club and community - and promote the club every way we can

The Community Show

The Community Show, hosted by Laurene Hope, is here to show the talents in our community. We have interviews some amazing people that have amazing causes, projects and work to show off! We are here because the Mainstream Media are not - get in contact to be on the show!

The Other Piaf Show

'The Other Piaf show' is a series where director Laurene Hope jumps into character and interviews people from the community in a comedy fashion! Making for a funny and informative show. 

NEW - Buzzy Bee Workshop

The kids section of Moving On TV! Fun activities for children and adult to join in with. Hosts Ruth H and Helen G present the show along side Buzzy Bee.

Little Women - Series

Little Women is a series based on the Book 'Little Women'. It is written by Laurene Hope.

Looser Ladies - Talk Show

"Looser Ladies" is our version of "Loose Women" 
It's hosted by A group of ladies while relaxing together over a coffee or herbal tea.We sit around a table with our guests and discuss things that matter to the community. And also air our opinions of celebrities and things that our happening in our town and our world. We also bring on talented people and everyone is invited on to be part of this .It's a fun relaxed exciting creative program.


Watchdoggy: Your consumer programme is the show where Laurene brings you information on what to be wary of when going about your everyday life. This includes scams, spam and sites to look out for. Real experiences from the community to bring you the facts!

The Happy News!

The Happy News is a series of short episodes where Laurene Hope shares some of the most amazing, inspiring stories from around the internet. You can find them yourself on The Daily Good.

Special Episodes!

We sometimes do special messages and one off episodes! Find them here!

Yoga For All

Hosted by Helen Greenway, a qualified Yoga Teacher, this series aims to keep you healthier. Watch and join in as Helen shows you how.

It's My Life!

It's My Life is the series where Laurene Hope, as The Other Piaf, tries to figure out how to live in 2014! She is convinced how her dead husband, Marcel Cerdan, is still alive and is at the shops! Piaf is also finding it hard to not sing her own songs because of the 'Public Rubbish Society' who are chasing her for copyright money.

Life Coaching with Laurene

In this series Laurene Hope Omedal aims to help you achieve what YOU want in life. She gives tips on how to stay positive and get where you want to be!

The Book Show

The Book show, hosted by Laurene Hope is the series where we showcase talent from writers in our community! Come on the show to talk about your book or we will read it for you!

Your angel cards is a weekly series presented by Laurene Hope spreading positive messages and helping relaxation.

Get involved is the series where you, the viewers, public, businesses and people all over the world can share ideas that you want to source help from! It is a way to reach a community of different people!