Your donations go along way. We appreciate anything you can give and if you don't have any money - then no problem! You can support us by sharing our content on social media and telling friends, family and companies about us! This helps us gain more sponsors and supporters helping with the costs of running a TV station. 

Your donations go towards:

  • Producing our shows - there is a lot of work that goes into filming and editing of our content!
  • Equipment - money needs to go to purchasing equipment to film and light our shoots
  • Actors - in the future we will need more than volunteers to ensure reliability to deliver content
  • Maintenance - money is needed for hosting of the website, emails and general admin
  • Royalties - some of the music used in our productions needs to be paid for 
  • Growth! - in the future we hope to be able to have our own small broadcasting facilities!

From all at Moving On TV, Thank you!