Welcome to Moving on tv training courses to help you  find a better life, and to deal with the chaos of the world out there, 

A s we specialize in mental health and staying well regardless, we are starting with a great new course called

"How to stay sane in a crazy world"/ The recovery toolbox 1 

This is a course with 10 tools which Laurene Hope learnt in the Therapeutic community and through her life. 

She will be teaching them to the public to help you and your families and friends to have an easier more balanced life. 

So here is the intro to the course. 



In a few weeks time we will be adding some webinars and the course itself. You will need to purchase the proper course for £49. This will include 10 lessons which you will be able to practise, in your own time and keep for life. 

Looking forward to meeting you all soon. 

To book Laurene to talk  about the course and her campaign involving speech and singing, please email laurene@movingontv.uk  

07437 532 798 

"Bringing the Hope back into our lives"